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Keynote Speaker for Greenwich researchED Conference Named

Keynote Speaker for Greenwich researchED Conference Named


Dr. Carl Hendrick has been named the keynote speaker at researchED Greenwich, an international education conference hosted by Greenwich Public Schools on Saturday, April 6, 2024 at Greenwich High School.

Dr. Hendrick, a professor at the Academica University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam, Netherlands, is focused on bridging the gap between research and practice. He is the author or co-author of numerous books and articles, most recently, “How Teaching Happens: Seminal Works in Teaching and Teacher Effectiveness and What They Mean in Practice.” Dr. Hendrick was a secondary English teacher for 18 years in a range of different contexts and completed his PhD in education at King’s College London.

“For many years teachers have been given answers to questions they did not ask in the form of fads, neuromyths and unproven methods,” Dr. Hendrick said. “More recently, research has empowered teachers to make more informed decisions in their own classrooms, to question ineffective approaches and to refine and reflect on their practice. researchED has provided a powerful network of sharing such practice.”

Greenwich Board of Education member Dr. Michael-Joseph Mercanti-Anthony is the chair of the conference organizing committee. “Dr. Hendrick is one of the preeminent thought leaders in the world on the science of learning,” he said. “His participation as our keynote speaker is an incredible opportunity for Greenwich Public Schools.”

Registration for the conference is open to all members of the education and Greenwich communities, with a cost of $65 per person. Interested attendees should register online at

About researchED
researchED is a grassroots, research-in-education conference intended to create open, evidence-informed discussions between educators and researchers. A regular occurrence in Europe, Greenwich Public Schools is the second public school system to host researchED in the United States -- and educators and academics from across the country and abroad are expected to attend. 

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