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Attendance Policy

The Connecticut Statutes require parents or guardians of children from the age of five through eighteen years to be responsible for their regular attendance in a public day school, in their District, during times the school is in session, or in another school providing instruction as according to law; otherwise, they must be able to show that the child is receiving instruction equivalent to that of the public school. The law gives five days’ leeway before violation lays a parent open to prosecution. Please see the Greenwich Public Schools attendance policy for more information; should you have any questions regarding the policy, please call the school office.

School doors open at 8:30 am. School officially starts at 8:45. A student will be marked tardy if he/she arrives in his/her classroom after that time. Children who are tardy must report to the office to verify attendance. Parents are encouraged to have their children at school on time. Tardiness is disruptive to the educational process. Repeated tardiness can result in disciplinary action, such as detentions, or may require referral to the school psychologist. In extreme cases, tardiness can be considered educational neglect and requires school personnel to report such cases to an appropriate state agency