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School Information

North Mianus was built in 1925 and has undergone several renovations and additions over the years. The most recent addition of six classrooms was completed in 1996. North Mianus is truly a neighborhood school with almost all of our students living within walking distance. For this reason we have a wealth of parent volunteers actively involved in our programs. This strong partnership between parents and teachers is one of our greatest strengths.

North Mianus is a remarkably diverse community of learners. This is a challenge that our teaching staff meets with enthusiasm. Teachers attend workshops, consult with experts and surf the Internet looking for teaching strategies to address a variety of learning styles. Our staff and parents work together to provide the best possible learning environment at our school. We, as educators, strive to create a team atmosphere when developing goals for our children. We look forward to our continued success on the district strategic improvement plan and our goal of personalized learning for all students.

Our goal is to provide a positive tone for our students. We celebrate students successes through a variety of formats: awards assemblies, talent shows, fun and fitness day and student performances in music and dance.

The Mission of North Mianus School is.....

To educate the child to be a learner and to challenge the child to realize his/her full potential.

Our focus is:

to achieve mastery of academic skills in learning areas including art, music, and physical education;

to develop intellectual curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking;

to nurture a love of learning;

to foster the child's social development and self-esteem.

Our focus is to develop respect for self and others; to develop the ability to work cooperatively with others; to become responsible decision makers.